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GF Tubular Bowl Centrifuge
GQ Tubular Bowl Centrifuge GFX Blood Separator

Oil Water Separator
Tubular Separators for herbs &
plants extracts
acteria Separator

Top Manual Discharging Filter Centrifuges
SSF Explosion-proof Centrifuge SSC Settling Centrifuge

SD Filter Bag Lifting Centrifuges
SGZ Bottom Manual Discharging
Filter Centrifuges
SGZ Automatic Discharging
Filter Centrifuges

PGZ Automatic Discharging
Filter Centrifuges
PSD Filter Bag Lifting Centrifuges LW Decanter Centrifuge

Disk Stack Centrifuge for
 vegetable oil refining and
animal oil refining
DHC Clarifying-type Disc Separator KJDH Disc Separator for mineral oil and machine oil



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